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  • 2019 New and Exciting Party and Event Rentals Atlanta

    %Best Quality Event Rentals In Atlanta%Luxe Event Rentals


    New Year 2019 is here, and we have got everything ready to get all parties back on track with a brilliant collection of items to set your party on fire. We are offering new and exciting rentals to make your party classic, topnotch, and memorable.


    Do you want to know what we are excited for in 2019? We have picked our 2019 Luxury Collection of event rentals to give you an enhanced experience. With the new rentals introduced, you’ll want to hold a party for every occasion.

    As a leading rental company, we care so much about your satisfaction and experience. We are committed to the success of your party, and we are ready to be a fantastic collaborator to help achieve your party goals. What we are excited for in 2019 include but not limited to a collection of brand new vintage sofas, outdoor lounge, dance floors, charming balloon love seats, and new thrones.

    Vintage Sofas

    The newly purchased vintage sofas have a timeless appeal and an inviting feel. They will undoubtedly be the focus of attention and create the perfect ambiance that will be one of the highlights of your party. The vintage sofas are sturdy, robust, and comfortable.

    %Best Quality Event Rentals In Atlanta%Luxe Event Rentals

    New Lounge Pieces

    We have a new collection comprising comfortable and stylish outdoor lounges made with durable materials. When you are looking for the right furniture to make a statement with your party, you cannot go wrong with our brand new outdoor lounge.

    %Best Quality Event Rentals In Atlanta%Luxe Event Rentals

    Charming Balloon Love Seats

    Ask for our new set of elegant, charming balloon love seats that will take your party to the next level. These seats are suitable for your wedding reception; the charm they will add to your event is matchless.

    %Best Quality Event Rentals In Atlanta%Luxe Event Rentals

    New Thrones

    Thrones are chairs representing seats of power for ages. Our new thrones will undoubtedly place you at the forefront of attention at your party. It’s your event, steal the show with new thrones in our collection.

    %Best Quality Event Rentals In Atlanta%Luxe Event Rentals

    Dance Floor Rentals

    With our state-of-the-art dance floors, your party will be more colorful. These dance floors are ideal for all types of events, and we are set to meet your needs. Our dance floors match every party style and budget.

    %Best Quality Event Rentals In Atlanta%Luxe Event Rentals

    A New Collection for an Exhilarating Event Experience!

    From us at Luxe Rental, the new year 2019 is a year we want to make a difference in your event by providing stunning designs and the latest rentals available.

  • Thanksgiving Holiday Rentals

    %Best Quality Event Rentals In Atlanta%Luxe Event Rentals

    We’re offering Thanksgiving Rentals Atlanta



    Hosting Thanksgiving at your house this year? %Best Quality Event Rentals In Atlanta%Luxe Event Rentals

    Each year families tend to gather at a particular family members’ house for good times, and good food on Thanksgiving. Each person is designated to bring their specialty dish and with everyone heading over to your house this year. We’ve got you covered here at Luxe Event Rental.  From tables, chairs, and linen to tents and heaters – we have got your event rental needs covered.

    %Best Quality Event Rentals In Atlanta%Luxe Event Rentals

    Affordable White & Black Folding Chair Rentals in – Atlanta, Georgia

    We deliver affordable rentals and make it as easy as ever to accommodate everyone on Thanksgiving with online rentals and easy payment options.

    See our standard options like the White Folding Chair Rental and chair cover rentals pictured here. These options start at just $1.00. This chair holds up
    to 800 lbs and is kept in great condition.

    See our specialty chairs and other chair rental options

    %Best Quality Event Rentals In Atlanta%Luxe Event Rentals%Best Quality Event Rentals In Atlanta%Luxe Event Rentals

    This year we are providing special seating, such as resin folding chairs, Chiavari chairs and ghost chair rentals for those wanting a luxurious look.



    Your guests are sure to gather in comfort with our Chiavari Chair Rentals, Bar Stools with backrest and/or our Lounge Ottoman Rentals.



    Dining Options

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            All Types of Tables                                       %Best Quality Event Rentals In Atlanta%Luxe Event Rentals

    Our Standard folding table rentals are in stock and available for your Thanksgiving order.  We have 6 FT and 8 FT rectangular folding table rentals, roundtables, and highboys available for this Thanksgiving Dinner Event!


    %Best Quality Event Rentals In Atlanta%Luxe Event Rentals %Best Quality Event Rentals In Atlanta%Luxe Event Rentals
    %Best Quality Event Rentals In Atlanta%Luxe Event Rentals %Best Quality Event Rentals In Atlanta%Luxe Event Rentals
  • Preparing for Your Upcoming Wedding Day

    %Best Quality Event Rentals In Atlanta%Luxe Event Rentals

    Preparing for Your Upcoming Wedding Day

    Is your wedding coming up anytime soon? Are you searching for the best way to be prepared for that happy day? How can you prepare and make sure everything is ready for your wedding? What things do you need to plan in order to have a smooth and memorable wedding? These and other questions are answered in this write-up. When preparing to have a hassle-free wedding day, it is crucial to give priority to certain details. Your wedding day is a significant day in your love life and your history as a couple. Keep in mind that you deserve to have a great event that family and friends will talk about for a long time! Outside of planning for the wedding clothing, catering, drink, music, wedding photography and videography, and the venue, you may also need party rentals like Chiavari chairs, banquet tables, a mobile bar, pipe & drape, uplights and more in Atlanta. If you’re not interested in an indoor venue, be sure to look for tent rentals in Atlanta, GA in case it rains or is hot out. Whether you’re wanting an indoor or outdoor wedding day, you’ll need wedding linens rental to make the venue look gorgeous, conducive, and exquisite for guests and to help you make a statement during your wedding. Read on about choosing the right party rental supplier.

    Party Rentals Atlanta

    Choosing the right party rentals company in Atlanta is significant if you expect your wedding to turn out as planned. Quickly think about the wedding parties you have attended and what you liked about them regarding party rental items. What are the items you can’t do without for your wedding? The right backgrounds and color will be the foundation for how the overall feel of the event. Here is a list of party rentals Atlanta that are essential to your peace of mind when it comes to the forthcoming wedding. Tables Chairs Linen (Fabric, Color, Design) Tents Entertainment (DJ, Inflatables) Drinkware & Flatware Decor (Center Pieces, Plinths, Flowers) Others include fencing or crowd control, sound system, lighting, step & repeat, balloons, generators, dance floors, and stages. For top-of-the-line party rentals in Atlanta, contact Luxe Event Rental for Wedding Rentals in Atlanta. We have a large inventory of high-quality and modern party rentals in the Atlanta, GA area that will ensure the success of your wedding. Our rental items will add color and style to your occasion.

    Tent Rental Atlanta

    Tent rental Atlanta plays a vital role in outdoor wedding receptions and/or ceremonies. With Luxe Event Rental’s tent rentals Atlanta, you can create the perfect environment and ambiance for your outdoor reception or backyard wedding. When dealing with the basics you need to protect your guests from the scorching hot sun and other weather elements. Also, the right tent can also serve as the perfect backdrop and easily be a part of the eye-catching props. Luxe Event Rental’s Wedding Rentals Atlanta has a complete inventory of different types of tent rentals that will provide exactly what you need. Our frame tent rental Atlanta that allows your guests to enjoy the outdoor air and let the outside be visible? Or do you prefer the Clearspan tent that offers complete coverage and creates an indoor experience? You do not have to worry; we have all you need because we are dedicated to the success of your wedding.

    Linen Rentals

    Wedding Rentals Atlanta’s linen help to create lasting memories. Our linen rentals serve as a work of art to transform your tables and spark emotions that are capable of transforming your wedding. We provide high-quality linen tablecloth and chair cover rental that are of excellent texture, color, and style that will create lasting memories with an impactful first impression. Our linen rentals are both transformative and memorable and will serve as the focus of attention. We have an extensive collection of linen tablecloth and chair cover in diverse patterns, styles, and colors to complement your wedding theme. We offer the best and the unique linen rentals that are the best in fashion and decor.

    Why Choose Luxe Event Rental’s Wedding Rentals in Atlanta?

    As you are preparing for your wedding, Wedding Rentals Atlanta is the right event rental company to contact for your party rentals Atlanta, tent rental Atlanta, and linen rentals to create the perfect venue and scenery for your wedding. We are the best rental company in Atlanta, and we have created a benchmark too hard for our competitors to beat. Here are some of the reasons to contact us for your wedding party rentals.

    1. Experience

    We have provided excellent party rentals Atlanta, tent rentals Atlanta, and linen rentals to hundreds of couples in the last 20 years of business.

    2. Large Inventory

    We have an extensive collection of high-quality party rentals to meet the number of guests you are expecting to grace your occasion.

    3. Functional and Fashionable

    Right from our tent rentals Atlanta to linen rentals, everything we offer has two core values: aesthetics and functionality. Our tents, linen, and other party rentals are beautiful and enhance the beauty of your venue.

    4. Value for Money

    Contact us for rentals that will meet your needs and expectations. Our rental company offers great value.

    5. Transformative and Memorable

    Make your wedding an event to remember by renting beautiful and functional tents, chairs, tables, stage, linen and much more from us today. These items will transform your venue and wedding. Contact us today; we specialize in making your wedding beautiful and meeting your needs. We pride ourselves in excellent customer service and experienced personnel.
  • Online Party Rentals

    %Best Quality Event Rentals In Atlanta%Luxe Event Rentals

    Online Party Rentals

    Are you planning a party, wedding or event in Atlanta? We are the perfect online party rentals company to make your event, wedding or party lit with the state-of-the-art wedding rentals, table rentals, and Chiavari chair rentals.

    We have worked with brides, event planners, caterers, event venues, and private residences throughout Atlanta. We provide top-of-the-line wedding rentals, table rentals, and Chiavari chair rentals to host that perfect event you’ve been planning.

    Chairs and tables are crucial and indispensable to the success of any event or party. In view of that, we aim to make your guest comfortable by providing high-quality chair and tables that will ensure total comfort and relaxation for guests and everyone at your party.

    Planning a party or special event is a big deal, and it involves a lot of activities to ensure that everything goes according to plan from the guest list, to the theme, menu, and entertainment for the party. The entire process can be stressful and time-consuming. However, for all your efforts to be successful, you need a rental company with an extensive inventory of high-quality tables and chairs, and wedding rentals.

    Do not make the mistake of preparing the best entertainment, menu, and venue and go for the low-quality chair and table rentals. The comfort and convenience of your guests at your event depends on the type of rentals you provided.

    You certainly do not want chairs that will make your guests fall at your party or tables that will spill drink all over their clothes. Consequently, the quality of the wedding rentals, Chiavari chair rentals, and table rentals is crucial to the experience of your guests and everyone that attends the event.

    As a professional rental company in Atlanta, we provide party rentals that offer aesthetic function in addition to serving the functional purposes. Our inventory of wedding rentals, Chiavari chair rentals, and table rentals will complement the aesthetic features of your party theme and setting. What is not to like? We always update our inventory to meet the latest standard available in the industry.

    We aim to be your favorite source and regular source for wedding rentals, table rentals, and Chiavari chair rentals in and around Atlanta. We provide quality party and event rentals at great prices, the most competitive prices possible in Atlanta.

    With our inventory of modern party rentals, we ensure that your wedding, event, party or special occasion look classic, unique, exquisite and exotic. Transform ordinary party scenery into a more visually appealing event with our state-of-the-art wedding rentals, Chiavari chair rentals, and table rentals.


    Wedding Rentals

    The wedding is a special occasion in life. It is an event that deserves to be celebrated in a grand style and be given the best of all things possible. For your wedding in Atlanta, contact us for the best wedding rentals that will provide great memories for your wedding.

    Contact us for all your wedding needs from chairs to tables, linens, and centerpieces to make your wedding an event to remember. We work with event planners and couples to provide high-quality wedding rentals that will complement your event venue’s décor and your wedding theme. Call us today and let us plan your wedding with you for best results.


    Chiavari Chair Rentals

    We offer high-quality Chiavari chair rentals that add class to your wedding, party or event. The type of chairs you rent for your party or event speaks volumes. Make a statement with unique Chiavari chair rentals for your event. We have an extensive inventory that can meet the numbers you need.

    Choose Chiavari chair rentals for maximum comfort of your guests that attend your event. Your wedding is special, and it deserves the best you can give. Make everything sparkling and exquisite with Chiavari chair rentals. Contact us now.

    Table Rentals

    Contact us for high-quality table rentals that will provide a stable platform for your items. Do not compromise quality and get cheap tables that could cause a stir in your party by falling over. We offer state-of-the-art table rentals that will meet your party or event needs or requirements.


    Why Choose us?

    1. We have an extensive inventory of wedding rentals, Chiavari chair rentals, and table rentals that can meet your particular needs
    2. Our rental chairs and tables provide functional and aesthetic event solutions.
    3. We offer rental equipment that has been “tried and true” to ensure performance and comfort.
    4. Flexible delivery options. We provide chairs, tables, and other rented equipment up to 1 day early to allow for arrangement and other necessary preparation.
    5. We provide high-quality rental service at competitive prices, the best you can get in Atlanta.
    6. We have a highly responsive team that will attend to your needs and ensure that everything goes according to your plan.

    Contact Us

    Contact us today and let the journey of your successful party or event begin.

    We’re Atlanta’s best party rental service provider and our team is committed to making your event a huge success.

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