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Suitable for Cocktail-Highboy- Bar height tables. This bar stool features a back rest for added comfort.

Tested for: 220 lb
Seat width: 14 1/8 ”
Seat height: 29 1/8 ”
Height: 39 3/8 ”
Width: 23 5/8 “

$6.80 GA TAX


Luxe Event Rental Atlanta Bar Stool Rental

This bar height seat pairs very well with our rental bar height cocktail table. Customers love the light weight design of this bar stool. This seating option has a sleek and simple design and adds a modern touch to events.

Create a lounge area or VIP section at your wedding, corporate event, or any special event using our bar height options. We also offer lounge benches that are sleek and comfortable.

  • The height of this bar stool is suitable for bar heights 43 1/4″.
  • Bar stool has a 220 lb weight capacity
  • Comfortable back rest.
  • Bar stool is made of a metal frame with a plastic back rest and seat.

Party smart with this affordable seating option!
Seat width: 14 1/8 ”
Seat height: 29 1/8 ”
Over all Height: 39 3/8 ”

Frame: Steel
Seat/ Back: Plastic


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